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We offer part time, ad hoc work with a targeted remuneration of £50,000 per annum*, once you are established, after a few years, while keeping your clinical practice commitments.

Obstacles we can overcome in becoming an Expert Witness

  • Fear of being under qualified 

  • Not sure where to start

  • Unsure they have enough time / fear of overwhelm 

  • Fear they need medico legal training to get started

  • Limited access to expert witness training resources

Let Dr Senghera share with you what he learned from his more than 12 years of expert witness experience.

Dr Sandeep Senghera

Founder, British Medical Experts

Why did I decide to become an expert witness?


1. NHS not serving me

2. Avoid burnout from running a busy clinic

3. Spend more time with friends and family 

4. Morale in Dentistry was dropping 

5. Worried about finances

Life in 2021 for a Dentist 

  • Long hours 

  • Increasing red tape 

  • Overstretched system 

  • ​Strain of the broken system

One third of dentists experienced abuse from patients during pandemic.


Learn about our Dental Negligence Course

How to Lower Your Chances of Getting Sued as a Dentist

You can find out a bit more about our company here:  

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions.

What will be the role of the successful candidate?

What are the tasks to be performed by the individual assuming this role?

Approximately how many hours per week you will need an assistant to start with?

Do you need your candidate to work during UK office hours?

Will you require the successful candidate to work during weekends and holidays?

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